Who we are

Technology can be overwhelming, even to the professionals. Our experience can benefit local business, no matter the size of your operation. We can enhance your online presence, helping you to work smarter and maximise your potential.

Our Approach

What’s the dream?

Anything is possible, so we will spend time understanding who you are, what you do and what your requirements are. We will ask lots of questions, maybe offer some suggestions, or even identify potential hazards you hadn’t considered.

What’s realistic?

There’s no broken promises here. Quality delivery is our business. We will be crystal clear on what is achievable and deliverable, based on what you need, the budget and the timeline.

What’s happening?

We value personal interaction. If it isn’t already apparent, we will be talking to you constantly. As our client, you will benefit from all our experience, ensuring a quality service with a Newman touch.

Our Experience, Your Advantage.

NewmanEye founder Paul, has over 15 years of digital experience, ranging from small businesses to global organisations. He started NewmanEye because he was frustrated with looking at poorly designed websites, bad logos and content that isn't fit for purpose.

Many businesses don’t have the time to understand the importance of a quality web presence. Others are nervous of technological changes. Paul wants to use his experience to help businesses in Kent and Medway. With a little investment and education, your business can work smart and look great.

Paul Newman
  • Agency

    Managing the demands of multiple clients, multiple deadlines and multiple communications at an agency, is no joke. This experience provided NewmanEye with access to an amazing group of technical and creative professionals, who support us on projects that need extra resource.

  • Public Sector

    Public sector work is always rewarding because the outcomes impact our communities. These projects provide valuable lessons. Mostly in managing multiple stakeholders and working with modest budgets, while always delivering high quality products. This is how NewmanEye will know how to get the most out of your budget.

  • Private Sector

    Healthier budgets and better technology were just two benefits of working in the oil and gas industry. But bigger budgets come with higher expectations and greater scrutiny of Return on Investment (ROI). Which means NewmanEye know all about the importance of delivering successful projects to a high quality.